Notes of insider. Part tenth.

August 12 Report

Today we find ourselves squeezed between a cold front to our west and a high to our east. The result is a moist trough, diminished visibility, and light southerly winds. At Briefing, Meteorologist Viktorija told us we could expect late afternoon thunderstorms and wished us luck.

The first takeoff wasn’t scheduled until 1300, so at the end of the meeting, we all stayed in the Briefing room and listened to a fascinating presentation by Morgan Sandercock on the Perlan Project. They hope to reach 27km altitude by this time next year!

Out on the grid, the mood was a bit pessimistic, and the time of first takeoff was delayed until 1345. The gliders were launched, and with all the uncertainty about the end of the day, they departed immediately on a 2-hour Assigned Area Task.

The winner today was Vladas Motuza (Lithuania) in the mini LAK. He flew 237 km at 92 kph, the longest distance flown, by a large margin. Stefano Ghiorzo (Italy) was only a little bit slower in his Versvs, and Morgan Sandercock (Australia) was third in the Sparrowhawk R. All the other gliders flew smaller distances and speeds, and four of them did not complete the Task.

We are all getting a bit tired of this milky airmass, and fortunately, Viktorija has promised clearer air for tomorrow. VladasMotuza

[Photo credit: Vytautas Maciulis]